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2016-17 All About Ego Alley Presentations at DPCA

DPCA Ego Alley Presentations

Ego Alley presentations became part of DPCA member benefits during the 2015-2016 membership year. DPCA is delighted to offer this larger venue to it's members.

What is an Ego Alley Presentation?

An Ego Alley Presentation is a 15 minute presentation comprised of 10 images prepared by a member and presented to the membership during a regular Club meeting. A single additional slide containing the title or a map or other setup material may be included. Images are presented in digital format and projected on the large screen. The presentation also becomes part of the meeting material presented on the Club website unless the member specifies  otherwise. 

Ego Alley - Purpose

  • This one is a MUST... To inform and educate both the presenter and the audience. The presenter may ask for comment and suggestions to solve a specific problem and/or the presenter may offer techniques, particular challenges they faced, geographical information about the shooting location, post processing tips, etc. 
  • To offer members a larger venue to present a body of work, one larger than the three image limit of a Showcase or Challenge
  • To encourage the membership to engage in constructive critiques and supportive suggestions for presenters.

Who may submit images for DPCA Ego Alleys? 

Any member in good standing, that is with fully paid dues, may prepare and present an Ego Alley presentation. 

All work submitted must be the member's original work. However, if restoring or otherwise altering a photograph that the member did not take, permissions to use the photograph(s) must be clearly stated in the submission email and credit afforded the photographer. The Club's officers will disqualify any submission that violates or seems to violate copyright regulations, however the member as the submitter is responsible for the validity of your submission. The Club will make no guarantee as to the originality of the work you submit.

How You Can Present an Ego Alley

  • Pick a topic and assemble your concept for presentation.
  • Present your topic to the Vice President and Director of Programs by sending email to and
  • Please send the email even if you have a conversation with a Club officer first. No email, no presentation. Here's why.
  • There are a limited number of Ego Alley presentations that can be scheduled during the year. It may take several months to find program time for yours. Don't be disappointed if your presentation is scheduled for the following Club year. We schedule on a first come first served basis as the schedule permits.
  • Assemble your presentation and submit it to the Club.

How to Prepare Your Ego Alley Presentation

Unless otherwise stated, the submission deadline for Ego Alley presentations is 10 days before the meeting at which the work will be shown. For example that means two Thursday nights before a Monday meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: Calendar constraints and officer availability may force the Club to request Ego Alley presentations much earlier than 10 days before the presentation meeting. Club Officers will give you as much prior notice as possible regarding your due date. Early requests happen most often before the first meeting in September and immediately after the winter holiday break.

Prepare each photograph by converting it to a JPG file that is no smaller than 2048 pixels on the longest side and no larger than about 1 MB in size. Larger images will be accepted but be certain your email system supports them. If you submit an image smaller than 2048 pixels on the longest side, it will not display well at the meeting. 

Rename each photograph with your name and a sequential number something like this:

         JSmith-01.jpg         JSmith-02.jpg         JSmith-03.jpg ...

We suggest you name the files serially so that they sort correctly for display.

Submitting Ego Alley Images

  • Submit Ego Alley images as attachments to one or more email messages addressed to
  • Do not embed images by dragging them into the email. Use the Attachment command in your email application.
  • In the Subject line, place the word "Ego Alley" and the date the Ego Alley will be presented. For example:

          Subject: "Ego Alley 9/12/2017"

  • Send the email(s) no later than 11:59 PM of the due date. To avoid transmission difficulties, do not wait until the last minute.
Because an Ego Alley presentation is a significant portion of a meeting's content, there will be detailed coordination between the Vice President, Director of Programs and the presenter to insure that the program runs smoothly. The presenter and topic will be listed in publications regarding the meeting. This includes the DPCA website, newspaper and Facebook announcements. The Ego Alley's title should educate, inform and pique the interest of potential meeting attendees.

With prior arrangement of the Vice President and Director of Programs, it may be possible to transmit Ego Alley images by cloud services such as DropBox or on a stick. Ask first. 

It is not acceptable to show up at the meeting, stick in hand and expect your presentation to be loaded and configured in Lightroom in time for the meeting.

Should the scheduled Ego Alley speaker be unable to deliver their program in accordance with requested deadlines, the Club reserves the right to replace the speaker for the time allotted. It may take months to reschedule the speaker's presentation.

Ego Alley Posted to the DPCA Website

If you do NOT want your photographs posted on the Club website, include the following statement in your email submission:

"DO NOT include my photographs on the DPCA website."
The request to block website display must appear in the same email with your submission files. If you don’t include this specific request with your submission we will assume that you want us to honor the preference you specified on your yearly membership application.


Extending Deadlines

Q: I'm on vacation. My bird died. I'm moving. The dog ate my camera, etc... May I have an extension on the file submission deadline?

A: Sorry... No. Your volunteer officers must get the program together in time for the meeting. Volunteer time is limited.

File Format

Q: Can I submit images in a format other than JPG/JEPG?

A: No. These are the most efficient and size-smart images for presentation to the membership and on the website.

File Format and Size

Q: Why can't I just send files the way they come out of my camera?

A: You can if they are .JPG files but they may be too large to transmit by email. We suggest a minimum of 2048 pixels on the longest side for best projection and a file size no larger than 1 MB. We can't accept RAW files. 

I Need Help Preparing Images

Q: File Sizes, resolution, RAW, .JPG, attachments -- Yikes, where can I get help!

A: That's why you joined the Club, right?
Email or

Tell us:
Do you use a PC or MAC computer?
What camera did you use to take the photograph(s)?
What software do you use to process photographs?
Did you shoot in RAW, JPG or something else?


Laurie Brice (Vice President)